MAXTRAFFIC is a cloud software whose sole purpose is to replace the manual publisher

Completely automatic publication that is not dependent on an open browser and a computer that is running automatically.
The system works with Facebook only and all campaigns are done through your Facebook account.
You can add unlimited Facebook accounts and create hundreds and thousands of campaigns simultaneously in all accounts, the system operates independently.
There are security and encryption mechanisms for published posts, which in most cases prevent falling into Facebook’s spam network, correct and logical account management will create continuous and convenient work over the years.
You can create campaigns that include images / video / links / text / icons / link to landing pages and more ….

What We Will Do For You?

Auto post on Facebook groups with the MAXTRAFFIC AUTOPOSTER

Ever tried the working with us? If not then you are missing out. Auto post to Facebook groups faster and more efficiently to help your business unleash its full potential.

As one of the leading social media platforms, Facebook is, without doubt, a major sales and leads booster.You can now build leads and reach out to millions of clients by using the agposter to auto post to Facebook groups for free.

The MaxTraffic software is cloud stable and very powerful. With it, you are certain to publish unlimited Facebook posts in countless groups and pages. This is what successful businesses are using to further their lead in social media marketing, Facebook in particular.It is automatic and absolutely free to join. Don’t let your business lag behind. Auto post on Facebook groups with the MaxTraffic today.

How it works??

The MaxTraffic is basically a software that helps you auto post to Facebook groups in seconds. It shares your business stories, pictures and other vital info in seconds. It keeps your official Facebook page up to date with daily posts.

Auto post to Facebook groups for more sales returns and enhances and business engagements. This software removes the hassle out of making Facebook posts by saving you time and also brings good business sales and profits.

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Why you need this software?

The MaxTraffic software is expertly built for excellent performance. It helps you auto post to Facebook groups to promote your products and services to millions of clients.

It is so versatile it analyzes trends in social media sites. In so doing, it generates and posts only the latest and trending comments that resonates well with your target market audience.

This MaxTraffic follows a three-step process when managing your posts on Facebook.

Discovery of trends
It intelligently filters information to identify what’s trending on particular pages and groups. After identifying the trending business news, the agposter then creates very creative and engaging comments or posts.

The software organizes its posts on the basis of group segments so that only the right posts are delivered to particular audience groups.

It helps you organize your time seamlessly with automated posting. The software also saves details of campaign start and end dates so that the posts are up to date and relevant.

The MaxTraffic software helps you build your Facebook marketing campaigns in advance. This saves you some quality time to engage in other activities.

It channels target posts to specific audience-segments for even better sales boosts. It has an inbuilt system that sets start and end dates of particular campaigns.

What’s more about the auto post Facebook software?

This intelligent software can be integrated into your Facebook page to allow for easy communications and engagements with new subscribers.

The MaxTraffic software stores contact information for all the subscribers. This allows for easy marketing campaigns by sending them targeted emails or posting directly on their pages.

Improve your social media marketing with the MaxTraffic software that allows you to auto post to Facebook groups. It is free to join and very easy to operate.